Snuggle Me PURE

Snuggle Me PURE

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The Snuggle Me PURE cushion is an infant lounging and co-sleeping bed from Snuggle Me Organic. Its patented center-sling technology "snuggles" your baby as though they're being held, but also keeps baby in the safer supine position for sleep (back-to-sleep). This soothes common newborn sleep issues like frequent waking, startling awake (moro reflex), and just a general unsettled feeling babies can sometimes exhibit, allowing you and your little one to get to a more restful & content sleep.

  • 100% organic cotton for the material with 100% raw organic cotton for the fill
  • Free from: lead, flame retardants, latex, phthalates and BPA
  • Comes with reusable muslin travel bag
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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