Four Types of Gifts for the New Baby in Your Life

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The Pampering Gift

Erbaviva Baby Essentials Gift Box, $50 (Only available in store.)

Why not give this precious new baby the gift of luxury for Christmas? The gift set includes Erbaviva’s top three most beneficial products for baby: Baby Oil, Baby Cream, and Baby Shampoo. All Erbaviva products are created from distinctively pure organic herbs, essential oils, and botanicals that are sourced to the highest standards of organic certification, safety, efficacy, and sustainability.

  • Erbaviva’s Body Cream is made with natural emulsifiers including aloe, shea and cocoa butters, and is scented with organic essential oils lavender and chamomile. This perfectly simple formula is pure and gentle enough for body and face – a must-try for all babies with especially sensitive skin. Many moms swear that this cream solved their little one’s eczema, rosacea, and/or cradle cap!
  • Erbaviva’s Baby Oil is perfect for hydrating the skin after a bath or used during a baby massage. This oil is infused with Vitamin E and rosemary extract in a base of almond, jojoba, and safflower carrier.
  • Erbaviva’s Baby Shampoo is ideal for both newborns and the entire family. The shampoo nourishes the scalp and hair with an ultra-mild blend of organic lavender and chamomile essential oils and Oregon grape extract. This formula is completely free of laurel sulfates and unwanted chemicals, making it all the better!


The Practical Gift

(1)  GroVia Magic Stick, $13.95 (2) FridaBaby NoseFrida: The Snotsucker, $15 (3) Zutano Cozie Booties, $21

Get baby (and parents) off to a smooth family start with these few products! Our parent customers tell us these have been the answers to their super common, real, and frustrating parenting struggles.

  • The GroVia Magic Stick is one product that customers absolutely adore! Honestly, we can not tell you how many times we have heard, “This thing is seriously the best.” Think diaper cream is too lame to be gifted? Consider this: The typical baby will have at least one very painful rash during their diaper days, but for many babies, it’s a constant struggle keeping things comfortable and not so irritated down there. Eliminating the long, frustrating, and vexatious journey that is finding a diaper cream/balm that actually works is kind of one of the best gifts you could ever give a baby (and parent) you adore! What’s more? The ointment is all natural, organic, and petroleum-free, and the convenient stick design ensures a fast, even, and clean application every time.
  • At first glance, the NoseFrida: The Snotsucker by FridaBaby may make you want to LOL (or gag, maybe?). But... the truth is, the notorious Snotsucker has a following that you could describe as cult-like. Those who have used one will attest of the unique sense of gratification they feel once they have successfully sucked every last booger out of their baby’s snotty little nose, knowing no ordinary nasal aspirator would have done the job. Oh, and rest assured knowing the NoseFrida’s filter system actually works – keeping adult mouths germ and booger free.
  • New parents purchasing their first pair of Zutano Cozie Booties usually mention that they had been highly recommended to them by someone they know with a baby. Well, the La Stella Blu mama’s recommend them too! Why? Because they simply don’t fall off. These booties will stay on your baby’s feet until you make the conscience decision to remove them. Don’t think that’s a big deal? is. It’s a very real and very persistent struggle to keep anything on your little one’s feet!


The Made in Montana Gift

(1)  GEO by Dig This Chick Bodysuit, $28 (2) Goodnight Missoula Book, $15.99 (3) Paisley Pear Designs Baby Gown, $28 (All available in store only.)

If you’re really not sure what to buy for the new baby in your life, you can’t go wrong purchasing a gift that is adorable, made sustainably with integrity and love that also supports a few of the many Montana moms who are doing their thing as business owners!

  • Montanans, as well as the many Montana expats and lovers out there, always go for the GEO bodysuit by Dig This Chick. The creator of this line is a mother, fourth generation Montanan, adventurer, small business owner, and popular blogger Nici Holt Cline AKA Dig This Chick. Every piece from her line is thoughtfully made by hand with Fair Trade and GOTS certified non-GMO cotton in a little studio nestled in the mountains of Western Montana.
  • The children’s book Goodnight Missoula captures the wonder and magic of the Missoula Valley through the eye’s of a child. The story explores local Missoula landmarks, like Mount Sentinel, Fort Missoula, Montana Snowbowl, and of course, downtown’s “Crossings” sculpture and many others. Beautifully illustrated by Molly Clevenger and written by mother-daughter authors Linda Giammona-Eggers and Laura Timblo, this book is a perfect gift for future Missoula lovers!
  • Paisley Pear Designs is a small company based out of Helena, Montana that specializes in hand-sewn unique and modern items for babies and clothing for kids. From designing the styles, to fabric and print selection, right down to each and every nitty gritty hand-stitch, Amanda, owner of Paisley Pear Designs and mother, literally does it all herself! And may we say she does it well!


The Cute, Trendy, and New to La Stella Blu Gift


(1)  Finn + Emma Coverall, $34 (2) Finn + Emma Reversible Hat, $14 (3) Finn + Emma Teething Ears, $22 (4) Oli & Carol Toys, from $12.99 (Only available in store.)

  • When we stumbled upon Finn + Emma we knew we had found a brand that was the sweet spot between stylish and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated, and would fit in perfectly at La Stella Blu. Every piece we selected for the store is beautiful, unique, and high quality – made with only the finest 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all natural wood. Finn + Emma’s Coverall and matching Reversible Hats, and Teething Ears come in five fresh prints.
  • We believe that if your child’s possessions are destined to take over your home, it makes sense to give your little ones beautiful toys! Spanish brand, Oli & Carol are inspired by original vintage designs and modernized with cool soft natural tones. Designed for function, the gum-soothing teether and your little one’s bathtime companion are here! Each toy does it both, avoiding the moisture and germ trapping plug you see on many baby toys ensuring their safety as teethers and functionality as bath toys. These uber adorable toys are made from the rubber of Hevea trees and are 100% pure and natural. Great find? We think so!

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