December Favorites!

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…..Not that you need a reminder, but it’s officially gift giving season... There are so many incredible gadgets, toys, and gear for babies, toddlers, moms, and families alike. We have found the ideal items for nursing moms, outdoor adventures, cloth diapering essentials, arts and crafts, and health and skincare.

There’s nothing we love more than helping everyone find the perfect gift, because honestly there’s nothing better than giving a great present! Every family and child is different, which means there are so many gift options to choose from. We promise, there is something special for everyone!

  1. Nook Niche Nursing Pillow: The u-shaped nursing pillow from Nook is designed for so much more in mind. Make breastfeeding and bottle-feeding more comfortable for parent and baby with the 100% organic Niche Nursing Pillow. It’s dipped in a safe NanoSphere® bath to make it liquid- and stain-resistant for life, making it ideal for life far beyond nursing, such as a sitting prop for baby, elevated tummy time, as a body pillow for kids ages 2 and up, and more!
  2. Zutano Cozie booties / Starry Knight Design moccasins: Keep your little one’s toes warm at home and on the go. Zutano’s Cozie booties are literally made of the softest fleece that will ever touch their feet. These booties are lined with solid Interlock and are perfect for cool weather. On the flipside, Starry Knight Design’s moccasins always fly off the shelf whenever a new shipment comes in! The shoes are handmade in Montana with high-quality 100% leather and suede. They are soft and non restrictive for developing feet, while a soft elastic band around ankle helps keep shoes on babies. These are great for babies beginning to crawl, stand, and walk.
  3. Milkbarn Newborn Keepsake Set: This organic newborn keepsake gift set makes the perfect gift for the arrival of a new baby! The set includes: one swaddle blanket, one newborn gown, and one newborn hat. Everything is packaged in a beautiful adorned box that is perfect for parents to hold all those memorable items from their newborn's arrival! A perfect bundled gift in one go!
  4. New Mom's Gift Basket: Don’t forget about special gifts for the new mom when holiday shopping. It’s easy to compile a special gift basket, especially with our best items! The Majamas Genna PJ Set is incredibly soft and comfortable, while featuring discreet inner nursing panels and an awesome fit. The top works double duty – because moms can actually wear it out! The reusable Bamboobies nursing pads are made of ultra-soft and soothing organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton, making them ultra-absorbent and ultra-eco. Lastly, Bebe au Lait’s elegant nursing cover will allow mom to comfortably breastfeed anytime, anywhere, and in any company. The patented necklines allow mom and baby to maintain eye contact while also promoting airflow. All three of these items together will be an extra special gift for any new mom in your life. 

  5. Books: No matter the age, books are always a good idea! We carry cloth books for the littlest hands, board books for children really starting to learn and grasp the pages, and picture books for kids (and parents). We hand select the titles we love sharing and reading with our littles ones, so we hope you enjoy them too! Stop by the shop in person to see them all.
  6. MiO wooden block sets: MiO encourages open-ended play and imagination! All of the sets are designed for little hands and tactile play, while being made of natural wood and hand painted pieces. We love the modern look and how easy it is for kids to become their own engineers and architects.
  7. Yorba Organics Family Hessian Gift Bag: The Yorba Organics Family Hessian Gift Bag contains 100% all-natural vegan products that are made from all-natural, sustainably wild harvested ingredients, making the items perfectly safe for the whole family. Included in the gift set: nourishing shampoo, repairing conditioner, body lotion, body wash, face cleanser, and face moisturizer – something for everyone!
  8. Fridababy Goodie Bag: All babies get fussy, but Fridababy is an innovative, solutions based company that truly understands parents. The NoseFrida was invented by a doctor and designed specifically as a natural, hygienic baby booger buster. It’s completely safe for parents AND baby, so you can clear all of the snotty noses in sight. The Windi helps ease baby’s gas pain, which we all know is a real issue. Use the Windi to instantly free stubborn gas stuck in baby's pipes for instant relief. Lastly, the FeverFrida is the hero when baby’s sick. Instead of waking up every 30 minutes to check your little one’s temp, the smart thermometer checks on baby every four seconds, thanks to the itty bitty Bluetooth monitor and patch placed under their arm. Parents will get alerts when baby’s temp rises and more directly to the mobile app.
  9. Snuggle Me lounger: Parents and babies are loving Snuggle Me loungers for the simple fact that it gently comforts baby and gives parents security that baby is in a safe space. Snuggle Me is the original, award-winning, multi-functional lounging system for babies 0-6 months old. Its patented center-sling technology "snuggles" your baby as though they're being held, but also keeps baby in the safer supine position and unable to roll or turn within the lounger. All of the loungers are dreamed, designed, and made in the USA with organic materials.
  10. GroVia Cloth Diapering Basket: Cloth diapering can be daunting for many new parents, but with the right items it can be so easy! GroVia is loved by cloth diapering parents and is one of our personal favorites. These items will make a great starter for parents aiming to cloth diapering their baby: a few diaper shells in both Snap and Hook & Loop; absorbency options include prefolds, soaker pads, and boosters; cloth wipes; and the ever important Magic Stick for all of baby’s bottom’s needs. Honestly, we would love this gift basket ourselves!

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