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When I think about my childhood, I remember creating. There are blog posts on blog posts on blog posts about the benefits of children being bored! But an important component to boredom is having something to spark creativity. Bored kids with nothing to do will eventually find something to play with… such as coloring on your walls... I was guilty of that – sorry, Mom! But if you hand a bored child something to encourage open-ended play, then everyone wins.

At La Stella Blu, we consider ourselves champions of imaginative toys, and some of our favorite items (even as adults) are unique toys that will inspire any child to really play and be creative.

Tegu blocks are magnetic heirloom-quality wooden blocks for ages 1-99. We play with them all the time in the store, and it's fascinating how creative our tiniest customers can be! Since they are magnetized, nothing is impossible – from dinosaurs to cars to tall, tall towers and everything in between, kids love Tegu. (As do we, as we’ve featured them in previous blogs recently!) Next time you hear, "I'm BORED," grab Tegu blocks and ask your child to make the best building they've ever seen and tell you why it's great – you'll be amazed at what you learn about your child and their creative processes.

We love Sarah's Silks! Last time we had a large group of kids in the store, they went straight for Sarah's Silks. They put on capes and princess hats, grabbed streamers, and told me the story of the troll that lived in the bridge and how the caped crusader saved the day! These items are Instant ice breakers and great for play dates with new friends. The suggested age of play for Sarah’s Silks starts at 3 years, but very few people will outgrow these fun, brightly colored items. Trust me, all of us have even tried on a crown or princess hat when no one was in the store!

Finally, if you have space, use a large, low plastic storage container or small children's pool and fill it with something fun and different – like water or sand or crumpled paper – and use it as a sensory play station. Incorporate water or sand-safe toys such as Green Toys, which are made from 100% recycled plastic, and let kids dream up a sea or sand adventure! I especially love the Seaplane and Dig and Discover Set. If you don't have the space to dedicate to a sensory play station, almost all of Green Toys make great bath toys, too!

By spending time every day playing with items that encouraged children to use their imaginations, you’re less likely to hear the long whine of “But I’m booooooooored.” We believe creative play is a cornerstone to happy, healthy kids – and happy, sane parents!

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