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Welcome! Welcome, Boys and Ghouls!
Don your capes and fangs and jewels,
Soon it shall be Halloween,
And spooky creatures will convene.

Perhaps you’ve still no gruesome guise?
Come on down and lay your eyes,
On crowns and masks and other gear.
Such lovely costumes you’ll find here.

If, indoors you do plan to stay,
Then we have books for you today.
Spooky primers, like Frankenstein,
Will send a shiver up your spine.

Come down to La Stella Blu,
We’d surely like to welcome you.
On Halloween you must have candy,
You can be sure we’ll have it handy!

1. Felt mask available only in store.
2. Frankenstein Anatomy Primer available only in store.
3. Glob Natural Face Paint Set (currently only available in store)
4. Sarah's Silks play crown
5. Petit Collage My Crafty Animal Mask Kit

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