Product Feature: Babyhome Dream

At La Stella Blu we continually search for innovative new products and brands to bring to you! Just this past month we became Babyhome retailers and we couldn't be more pleased with this choice. Babyhome creates fresh and clever designs that work perfectly in your life as a parent. Quality, functionality, safety, and unique designs are just a few of the things that drew us to this brand. 

The Dream is just one of the Babyhome products we carry, and it's a great one indeed. The Dream is a travel bassinet and at just 13lbs it is perfect for home, a trip to grandmas, or anywhere! With its innovative adjustable leg system the bassinet can remain stationary, roll or rock. Giving you the connivence you need in your everyday life! With its sophisticated, modern design and fun colors, the Dream is sure to be a perfect fit. 

Everything you need is included with your Babyhome Dream, including a foam mattress, honeycomb breathable pad, and a fitted sheet. Shop for your Dream today.


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