P is for Puj


P is for Puj, products for parents, simplifying parenting! At La Stella Blu we carry everything Puj has for bath time, and in case you were wondering what elephants have to do with the letter P or Puj, they make bathtub spout cover shaped just like a...you guessed it...elephant!

Puj products take the hassle of out of bath time. The Puj Tub and Flyte are soft foam infant tubs that conforms right to your sink, creating a safe, soft environment for bathing. And when bath time is done, reach for the Puj Hug, a baby towel that makes drying baby a breeze by interlocking around your neck and giving you free hands to pick baby up.

While well made and smart, Puj products have another thing going for them, they are practical! The tubs dry within seconds. They store flat and can be tucked away or hung. The towels, infant and toddler, have silicone tabs that are easy to hang for drying, so easy that your toddler can do it too! And if you want a cool, fun way to hang all of these great products check out their Puj Nubs, hooks that adhere to any flat surface.

To learn more about these Puj products stop by our store in Missoula, MT or shop online right here :)

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