L is for Lifefactory

Lifefactory Missoula Montana Reusable Water Bottles

L is for Lifefactory, at La Stella Blu

L is for Lifefactory, from cradle to table. Lifefactory has a complete range of glass bottles, from infancy to adult, as well as food containers and the perfect wine glass! Safe, simple, and smart, these products are for every day use. From the glass bottle to the colorful silicone sleeves, all components are BPA/BPS free and made responsibly in the U.S and Europe. Their modern, fun design is sure to brighten any day.

With the clean taste glass offers, the protective grip sleeve, and the multiple cap options, there are so many things to love about Lifefactory! Use it for water, juice, milk or snacks and get a great, clean taste each and every time. Between use, just stick it in the dishwasher for an easy clean. Reusable by design, your bottle will never become absolute. Change your baby bottle into a sippy cup or storage container with a simple switch of lids. Find all of Lifefactory's product right here at La Stella Blu, online and at our store front in Missoula, Montana!

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