La Stella Blu and Mamalode for July

La Stella Blu Mamalode

For the month of July La Stella Blu has partnered with Mamalode to bring you a month of adventures; adventurous tales and a grand giveaway. At La Stella Blu we believe that motherhood (and fatherhood!) is full of adventures, big and small. Our partnership with Mamalode  is not simply about promotion, it's about working with a company as devoted to the adventures of parenthood as we are.

All adventures have a start. Mamalode and La Stella Blu each began with a mom who set out to provide their community with a new option, a new perspective. One began with gathering of real stories told by moms and the other with the gathering of only the best baby products available for moms. We both believe in you, making us the perfect partnership.

At La Stella Blu we have baby gear for all of life’s adventures. From a bike ride away to a right where you stay, adventures are everywhere. This is why for the month of July our theme we bring to you is adventuring. Online and in our brand new storefront, La Stella Blu provides you with baby gear for all of your adventures, whatever your style!

Make sure to follow us this month to read all of your stories about adventuring. We have some great things in store for you, from free shipping the entire month of July (promo code - mamalode) to an in store deal and a giveaway you will not want to miss!

Let’s start adventuring

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