I is for Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy Missoula Montana Reusable

I is for Itzy Ritzy, irresistibly patterned and innovatively designed. Itzy Ritzy has a range of products that are eco-friendly and made to function in your busy life. A few of our favorites are Snack Happens, Travel Happens Wet Bags, and the Wrap & Roll. All of which are reusable and multi-purpose.

Snack Happens Reusable Snack Bags are for lunches, car trips, and adventures! While these are great for food and snacks, they also work perfectly for anything else you need to take with you! Same goes for the Travel Happens Wet Bags, these are perfect for everything from wipes to swimsuits to bottles to soiled clothes, you don't want a mess to damper your plans!

Itzy Ritzy Wrap & Roll Infant Carrier Arm Pad and Tummy Time Mat is truly multi purpose product. As the name implies, the Wrap & Roll goes from an arm pad for your carrier to a tummy time mat, just like that!

Check out all of Itzy Ritzy's products right here at La Stella Blu!

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