G is for GroVia

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G is for GroVia, the cloth diaper made modern. Say hello to cloth diapering that works and goodbye to that outdated vision of leaks, messes and too much work. Say goodbye to surprise trips to the store to restock. Seemingly endless choices of sizes and brands. Safety concerns you’d rather not think about. That little voice in your head each time you throw away a disposable.

Did you know that you will change your baby's diaper 6,500 times, that's a lot of diapers! Why not give cloth diapering a try? GroVia has made it easy, with excellent choices that are made to work. Their diapers, designed to grow with baby, are breathable, waterproof (where it counts!) and hands down adorable.

Here's how it works: 
  1. Choose a shell 
  2. Choose an absorbency
  3. Snap in soaker
  4. and go!
With shells from patterned pandas to bright and bold your baby is bound to stand out. On the go? Headed to day care? With the choice between cloth soakers and disposable BioSoakers, cloth diapering fits into every lifestyle! But what about the mess? With the key being to dispose of the solids follow this easy guideline by Grovia right here in our blog, just think SUDS.

Do you cloth diaper or do you plan on trying? What are your thoughts? Let us know our comments, we would love to hear from you!

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