C is for Clek

Car Seat Clek Foonf Missoula Montana

C is for Clek, the Clek Foonf in particular. Not only is it fun to say, the Foonf is an award winning car seat with a plethora of safety features. Products for La Stella Blu are meticulously chosen by Katie, great care and research goes into every product choice. We want to provide you with style, function and above all else, safety. Which is exactly why Clek can be found at La Stella Blu.

The Foonf is designed to grow with your child, accommodating them in both rear and forward facing positions, safety never wavering. They are structurally built to absorb energy upon impact with the REACT Safety System built into every car seat. Rigid sub-structure, structural head rest and anti rebound bar all protect your little on in case of an accident. Safety, check.

From swapping cars to airplane rides, life moves. The Foonf is designed with you in mind with its safe, easy installation making swapping cars a breeze. Also, aircraft approved! Function, check.

From bright to bold, solid to patterned, fabric to leather, there is a Foonf to match your style and your car. Style, check. 

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