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My mom tells me I have baby fever, I agree. My Fiancé and I spend countless hours discussing how we will raise our children, imagining who they will be. Some friends gush over the topic of babies with me. Others smile, rolling their eyes. There is one thing, though, that we all have in common. The soon-to-be, the want-to-be, the one day (far, far down the road) moms and dads. We have said, whispered, or thought it, a phrase that begins a little something like this, “When I have kids, they won’t…”. I’ve been guilty, leaning over and whispering “Our child won’t do that,” to my fiancé as we walk past a screaming toddler in a grocery store. Reality check, please.

Here is my list of Five Things My Child Won’t Do (But Most Definitely, Probably Will Do):
  1. Throw a fit in public
  2. Put that in their mouths
  3. Sleep minimally
  4. Watch television 
  5. Be messy
And while these things may happen, okay, most likely will happen, here is my list of the Five Things I will Definitely, Without a Doubt, Do:
  1. Invest in a baby carrier. With all of the benefits of babywearing, one including less crying, the choice is easy. 
  2. It is likely that things like mud will find their way into my child's mouth, but BPA and other toxins will not. With all the toxin free bottles and feeding utensils, why would I choose anything other?
  3. Sleepless nights are bound to come, but knowing that my child is safe and secure will allow me to rest easy. Sleep sacks and swaddles are a must on my list.
  4. We live in an era of technology, screen time will happen, but I know it's not the only option, or will it be my first. Natural toys, art supplies and music are just a few things on my mind.
  5. Who am I kidding, I'm a mess, sometimes I find almond butter in my hair, but with modern baby tubs, soothing skin care and natural toothpaste, becoming clean will be a little more simple.


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