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Babywearing, yes please

La Stella Blu began with an adventure, an adventure through a land of endless information, options and opinions. It began with a search for a baby carrier, making that the perfect place for me to begin my exploration of everything baby. Babywearing is a practice that spans centuries, crosses seas, cultures and languages. Keeping baby close and secure is not just a desire it’s an instinct.

The benefits of babywearing have me adding a baby carrier to my definite, must have, necessity list and let me tell you why. Babywearing creates a strong parent-child bond. Imagine the love and security your baby receives when they can feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, the warmth of your body and the ability to see your face.  Studies have shown that from these abilities, to see and feel you, your baby has lower levels of stress, reducing the occurrence of spit up and diaper rash. Babywearing allows you to be in tune with all of your babies needs, resulting in less tears.

The benefits don’t end there. Babywearing enhances the development of your baby. Spending a greater amount of time in the “quite alert” behavioral state, carried babies become more intimately involved in your life, engaging in their environment and learning from every interaction. Lastly, lets admit it; your life doesn’t come to a halt when your baby is born. And while you may have mastered extraordinary one hand maneuvers, sometimes two hands is better than one.

Choices, choices, choices (from only the best)

Baby Wraps are that of simplicity and security. No clips, no clasps, no straps; wraps are a long piece of fabric that is used to tie the baby to you. With countless tying options this truly makes the wrap the most versatile carrier, fitting every body and every style. The wrap holds baby in an ergonomic position, provides you with complete support, and may I mention a perfect way to nurse.

La Stella Blu's Choices: Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap and coming soon the Ergobaby Wrap

Soft Structured Carriers, easy on, easy off. Back, front, or hip carry, pick and choose for whatever activity your adventuring on. Soft structured carriers evenly distribute baby's weight and provide comfort with proper support and padded straps. Support for baby too, holding baby in ergonomic position with a usual weight range from 7 to 45 lbs. From lightweight to active there's a carrier to match every lifestyle. 

La Stella Blu's Choices: Ergobaby, Boba, Beco, Onya

Pouch Carriers, the name says it all, a one-shoulder pouch carrier that keeps your baby close and secure. With three carry positions (newborn, upright, and hip), take baby with you on all of your quick trips with a breeze. Easy on, easy off, easy nursing.

The Giveaway!

In honor of La Stella Blu's start we are giving away a free Moby Wrap to one lucky winner! Like us on Facebook  and tell us what great feat you can accomplish while babywearing. From grocery shopping to yoga we want to hear it all! Now through Feb 28, 2013. Terms and Conditions apply. 

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  • Jennifer on

    I could get SO MUCH done. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, vacuuming. Would make things so much easier, and fun for both my daughter and me

  • Tawana Dehoyos on

    Realized that i never left my contact info on the Babywearing and Giveaway Contest.

    What do I think about wearing my baby wherever I go? Let me tell you…

    I’m a first-time mother to a beautiful blue-eyed baby boy who just turned six months old this past Sunday. Since I’m a stay-at-home mother, I find new ways to spend time with my son while continuing with my daily errands. I carry my son wherever I go: we do laundry together, we prepare his meals together, we pick up around the house, we dance Zumba, we go grocery shopping, we walk the mall, we cruise around downtown Missoula, we go hiking, snowshoeing, walk the treadmill, and even ride the stationary bike. Half the time he’s awake playing, giggling, cooing and the other half is spent sleeping with the angels. Just love being a mother and I love carrying my son, he is my pride and joy.

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