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I’m an adventurer, an explorer, not of wide-open seas, but a seeker of mini adventures that make up this life. I’ve helped conquer first steps, been awed (and slightly panicked) by a 3 year old biking without training wheels and read the same book at least a dozen times in a row. I’ve indulged a 6 year old in late night kitchen talks and never failed to say my promised “Goodnight Bellaroni macaroni pudding pie Francè”. While I may not be a mom it says it all when my soon-to-be sister in-law prefers to refer to herself as soon-to-be aunt and I smile in agreement. So here’s my exploration of everything baby. Reliable sources to be found, questions to be asked, and not to mention the ever so knowledgeable Katie, who’s created a collection of only the best baby products to be found. Welcome to La Stella Blu.



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